Home Users

Work and play together with your friends as if you are all sitting in front of the same computer. You, your colleagues and friends can see the same screen, each from his/her browser and work together with the same applications. Each user has a mouse cursor and everyone can have control over the same applications and games. You can write a document together, help each other with a spreadsheet or share ideas while designing a presentation. Pupils can prepare home work together, students can have joint study sessions.


 If you have a webcam, you can see each other and talk while being in the same session. You can even start a web browser inside your web browser and browse the web together.

Software Developers

Convert any Windows desktop app into a web based service. Do you have a complex desktop application that took you years to develop and you wish to easily convert it into a web based application? That is an effortless task with the help of OS21st. The application will continue to run as a desktop application on a server and stream all its graphical output to a client's Flash enabled web browser.

The client does not need to install any plugins (assuming Adobe Flash is already installed) and the client can have any operating system. Moreover, you can have multiple clients working with the same application, each client in his/her own session. The application can display different content for different users via multiple threads (each thread having its own top level window for example), but the process on the server will remain one. This means that you do not need to design complex client/server applications but instead have just one desktop process with several threads. Moreover, you can let users try out the application online without having to download or install it.

Service Providers

Let users work with Windows apps without downloading or installing them, directly from their browser. Do you have a server farm which you can rent to pay-per-use clients? You can install any desktop application on the Windows servers and let clients work with that application remotely via any browser. The client need not download or install anything.

After video on demand comes desktop on demand and gaming on demand. Heavy and costly applications as well as games can now be used on an hourly basis using OS21st.